Those Autumn leaves... 🍁

...are well and truly falling!  So what's happening at Mariposa HQ?  Well let's see...

  • Oadby Face to Face Classes

    • Our "Mini Mariposa" special pilot class series is now closed.  These introductory sessions (for ages 2-4yrs) were designed to re-socialise our toddler community after a tough, isolating couple of years.

    • We aim to hold more of these sessions, if you'd like to see more of these please contact us here:               


  • Corby Face to Face Classes

    • This pilot series has classes in Corby for just 3 more dates (5-10yr olds):

      • ​29th September (11am) 

      • 6th October (11am) 

      • 13th October (11am) 

    • This pilot programme is perfect for home educating families.  (After school classes are due to open in the future.)

    • Sessions are held at:

      • Corby Athletic Stadium. Jimmy Kane Way. Rockingham Road. Corby. NN17 2FB (www.corbyac.co.uk)

    • To secure your place - BOOK HERE:

  • OCTOBER 2021!

    • We are back with our friends at Glendon Farm Montessori (www.glendonfarmmontessori.com) - ALWAYS fun times with these wonderful Winglets!

    • We are heading SOUTH! We'll be in London...2 different locations!  Keep your eyes peeled for more info.

  • NOVEMBER 2021!

    • International vibes loading - you can only imagine the excitement building... 🌍🙌🏼🌎🎉🌏🙌🏼

Don't forget...

Mariposa now has an App!

That's right, Mariposa Magic...GLOBALLY available - delivered directly to the device in your hand! 🤳🏼💥

Official launch date has been postponed but our Founding Members Programme is just WAITING for the right children to join us!


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